“Daddy, This Is Weird…” Dad Loses It After Daughter Brings “Perverted” Item From School

by John Brodgian | September 6, 2015 10:52 am

Middle school should be a safe place for kids to learn about history and math and be allowed to be kids. However, there’s a school in North Carolina[1] who thinks differently, and sent kids home with a book that caused one girl to tell her father, “Daddy, this is weird…”

“Daddy, This Is Weird…” Dad Loses It After Daughter Brings “Perverted” Item From School[2]

He described the book as “50 Shades of Grey for kids.”

Travis Vanhoy’s daughter — a student at East Forsyth Middle School — explained her book assignment, which was to read a selection titled “Real Live Boyfriends.” After turning a few pages, he was furious.

“And if you don’t like me that much anymore, why do you like grabbing my boob?” an excerpt read. “Eventually when his hand roamed up my dress toward my butt … ” another one said.

Vanhoy was sickened by the passages he read in the book.

School officials say that if parents have a problem with the book, they should contact the school’s directly. The problem is that school officials even think that this is an acceptable book for 12-year olds in the first place.

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