Daily Caller SOURCE Reports: Trump Plans To DEFUND Obamacare On Day 1

Daily Caller SOURCE Reports: Trump Plans To DEFUND Obamacare On Day 1


Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has been pretty outspoken about the potential of having Donald Trump as a president with the Republicans in power in both the Senate and House. And it looks like the first issue on the board is to repeal Obamacare. Whether they actually repeal Obamacare or just work to reform it is still up in the air. But it will be changing.

“It [Repealing Obamacare] is a pretty high item on our agenda, as you know,” McConnell told reporters. “I would be shocked if we didn’t move forward to keep our commitment to the American people.”

McConnell argued Obamacare “was the single worst piece of legislation among many bad pieces of legislation passed in the first two years of the Obama presidency,” and said that, “the sooner we can go in a different direction, the better.”

One thing I could really get behind was McConnell explaining the importance of being moderate during this time. The window that we have to be in control of the House, Senate and Presidency is short. He said, “I don’t think we should act as if we going to be in the majority forever,” McConnell said. “We’ve been given a temporary lease on power if you will, and I think we need to use it responsibly.”

Use it responsibly to defund Obamacare. It will be gradual, but it can help the dilemma that is our current healthcare situation. But can defunding it repair the damage that has already been done?


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