Daily News For May 9, 2006


Bush Nominates Hayden As CIA Chief

CIA Director Porter Goss’ No. 3 Man At The Agency, Facing Investigation As Part Of A Congressional Bribe Probe

Moussaoui Asks to Withdraw Guilty Plea (Ha Ha! Sorry Charlie!)

Claim: Accuser In Duke Rase Case Initially Told Police She Was Raped By 20 White Men, Then Said She Was Attacked By Three

President Bush’s Approval Rating Has Slumped To 31% In A New USA TODAY/Gallup Poll

Jeb Bush Doubts Harris Can Win Sen. Seat (He’s Right)

Newspaper Circulation Declines 2.6 Percent

Rove Prepares 20 Judges

Senate Defeats Medical Malpractice Bills

US Prosecutors Seek Harsher Charges In Chinese Military ‘Plot’

Rupert Murdoch To Host Fundraiser For Hillary Clinton


Israel: Vice Premier Shimon Peres Said Monday That “The President Of Iran Should Remember That Iran Can Also Be Wiped Off The Map.” (Free Jerusalem Post Reg Req)

Blair: Nuking Iran Would Be Absurd

Officials: Iran’s President Writes To Bush

Tony Blair: I’ll Quit Next Year – Trust Me

White House: Iran’s Letter Not A Nuclear Fix

Captured Al Qaeda Documents: “Every Year Is Worse Than The Previous Year”

Nine Hurt In New Palestinian Gunbattle Between Fatah And Hamas

US Officials Told The UN’s Anti-Torture Body That The United States Had Held 103 Court Martials For Mistreatment Of Detainees In Iraq And Afghanistan


John Fund: Democrats May Not Be Able To Win The House, But Republicans Could Lose It

John McIntyre: How ’06 Will Affect the ’08 Electoral Map

Mark Levin: Patrick Kennedy & Double Standards

Mac Johnson: Immigration Reform Will Fail Without Deportation

Victor Davis Hanson: The Prison Of The Present


Reagan Bust To Be Displayed At Northport McDonald’s Where He Ate

Every Adult, Child In Boulder City Colorado May Become Millionaires

Idiot Who Hit Power Lines With Metal Poll Doesn’t Get Workers Comp

Whirlwind Lifts Girl 25 Feet

Website Of The Day: Newsbusters

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