[VIDEO] Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber ROASTED by Darrell Issa with this three-word question

by McGuire | December 10, 2014 8:19 pm

House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) opened Tuesday’s Jonathan Gruber hearing with a direct question: “Are you stupid?” Talk about direct – directly funny![1]


You may recall that Gruber, credited often as an architect of Obamacare, appeared in numerous videos calling the American people stupid and saying the law therefore couldn’t be fully transparent in order to pass Congress.
Gruber said “No, I don’t think so” in response to Issa and offered an apology.
“I made uninformed and glib comments. I’m not an expert on politics. In other cases I simply made mean and insulting comments. It’s never appropriate to make oneself seem more important or smarter by demeaning other. I’m sorry,” he said.
“My own inexcusable arrogance is not a flaw in the Affordable Care Act. I hope the country can move past the distraction of my misguided comments,” he added.

Uh, yea. Watch how pissed Gruber gets. Hilarious!

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