Dashboard Cam Shows Heart Racing Moment Cop Revived A Toddler Who STOPPED Breathing

by Alexandria Willis | October 20, 2016 6:01 pm


There is so much out there tearing down the role of our police officers. Of course there are some outliers. But for everyone who has ever been blessed by the role of police officers, it can be hard to stomach the hate. For me, it was a police officer who helped me calm down after I was in my first accident at sixteen years-old. It was also a police officer who helped my family get out of the area after a gas leak affected our neighborhood. Those personal experiences can make it hard to be comfortable with the hate directed at officers.

For this young family, a brave police officer would become an absolute hero to their child. When a little three year-old had a seizure in front of a restaurant, the parents had no clue what to do. Luckily for them this officer was there to save the day. Brayden Geis stopped breathing and when the officer arrived his fingers were blue from lack of oxygen.

The officer spoke to Fox 4 News and gave them his story on the life saving night. When he arrived, three year-old, Brayden Geis, “had an elevated pulse. His heart was beating, but no breath whatsoever. His lips were bright blue and I began chest compressions.” Those simple actions would save this baby’s life.

His parents are calling police officer, Chase Miller, the hero. Without him, they are sure their son would not have survived. Waiting for other first responders would have taken too long. We need to spend some time recognizing the sacrifices these blue lives make to keep us all safe.

Anyone else grateful for sacrifices made for us by officers? I know I am. And for this young family, they owe their son’s life to that officer.


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