A Daughter live streams her parents on a ‘heroin binge’ after she returned home to find them wasted

A Daughter live streams her parents on a ‘heroin binge’ after she returned home to find them wasted


The Father was found rocking back and forth.


The mother was completely unresponsive.

Heroin. Everyone who has a family affected by heroin knows what it looks like. But for those who don’t know the horror of coming home to the effects can now come a little closer to understanding. It is terrifying, and it is destroying lives. When this woman returns home she finds both her parents after binging on heroine. Nothing they do will elicit a response from the mother and father. Sweaty, eyes glazed over and unresponsive, the parents are limp as the daughter live streams what she finds.

The worst part is that the cameraman alludes to children being in the room. Nothing could be more chilling while watching the disturbing video than knowing children are having to experience it all firsthand. They would be forced to watch their parents completely unresponsive, rocking back and forth, with their eyes glazed over.

How can we expect our country to be strong when the children are being raised in homes like this? These addictions destroy the family unit and leave broken homes behind them. An attack on families and youth is an attack on the future of our country. This daughter seems brave for recording what her parents are reduced to after feeding their addiction. 

So for everyone who doesn’t know what the true face of heroin is, this is it. It is children crying while their parents rock back and forth on the floor. The face of heroin is ugly. And this brave young woman was willing to capture what heroin was doing to her family. Does anyone else think more people should see this? Maybe if people knew what the drug really looked like we could finally make some progress in stopping its destruction. Because if something doesn’t happen it will destroy us.

Do you think this girl was right for recording this horrific scene?

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