Daughter Posts Screenshots Of Texting Her Mom – and IT’S HILARIOUS!

Daughter Posts Screenshots Of Texting Her Mom – and IT’S HILARIOUS!

This is a chronicle of a daughter that just loves to harass her mother. To be honest, I would probably be doing this same thing to my own dear mother if I only had the free time, because this is TOO freaking funny.


From the Daily Mail:

There likely isn’t a son or daughter in the world who doesn’t enjoy needling their long-suffering parents occasionally, but some have got the process of torturing their moms and dads down to an art.

One such daughter is Ohio resident Liz Hammett, 36, who is mother to her own four-year-old son – while also serving as a rather talented tormentor of her own mother.

Liz recently shared a series of texts between her and her mother on Facebook, where they proved to be an incredible online hit, eventually leading to Reddit and racking up more than 200,000 views.

Over the past few months, Liz has been compiling examples of laugh-out-loud funny mental torture she has been inflicting on her mother on Facebook in an album simply titled: ‘Texts from my mother.’

Among them are just simple conversations where Liz – sternly called Elizabeth by her mother in the texts – has either done something to her mother to rile her up or just insists on playing mind games.

liz 1

liz 2

Liz 3

Liz 4

liz 5

liz 6

liz 7

liz 8

liz 9

This is too good. Liz and her mom seem to be having fun with this at least – even if Liz is stealing all her forks.

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