Dear Hillary, Here’s More Bad News For YOU! Signed – Black Voters

Dear Hillary, Here’s More Bad News For YOU! Signed – Black Voters

Hillary just received a pretty loaded letter from 12 leaders of the black community. If you think that they are going to continue taking the abuse of the Democratic Party and making the world think they are blind to it…you may be wrong. That’s a good thing.


It was named “Open Letter To Hillary Clinton Regarding Religious Freedom for Black America.” This letter was presented by Dr. Jaqueline C. Rivers, who has worked and lived within the urban poor areas for over thirty years. This letter is signed by black clergy, activists and intellectuals from across the entire nation, and some of them have even accompanied her for delivery.

Dr. Rivers is saying that the items listed to be brought to Hillary’s attention are of the greatest importance for over 40 million blacks in this nation. The 40 million that have been absent during the presidential debates that is.

In April 2015 in a speech before the National Organization of Women Secretary Clinton stated, “And deep-seated cultural codes, religious beliefs and structural biases have to be changed…” For political leaders to call for changes in citizens’ beliefs constitutes a denial of our religious freedom.

Almost 80 percent of all African Americans belong to one of the historically black denominations, which have provided leadership on issues of social justice since the era of slavery.

· Church leaders are concerned about unemployment in the black community, especially among young black men who experience rates as high as 33 percent.

· They are deeply troubled by the fact that in 2013 more black babies were aborted in New York City than were born.

· They call for justice in cases of reprehensible behavior of police officers in dealing with unarmed black men as in the Eric Garner case.

· Fundamental to their concerns in all of these issues is their right as religious leaders to minister to their own members and to the black poor, regardless of their religious beliefs, in a manner consistent with their faith convictions.

These leaders in the black community are hoping that by creating this letter that they will get the opportunity for an invite to discuss these matters through in a meeting. A meeting with leadership to go over critical issues in the black community such as employment and education, violence, religious freedom and even justice for the unborn child.

Do you think Hillary Clinton will make time for that?

CLICK HERE to view the letter in its’ entirety.

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