Debt-Ridden ‘Actor’ KILLS Two Friends To Fund Wedding…Now He’s Facing Death Penalty! [VIDEO]

Debt-Ridden ‘Actor’ KILLS Two Friends To Fund Wedding…Now He’s Facing Death Penalty! [VIDEO]

Daniel Wozniak wanted to get married in style and honeymoon like a celebrity. That all costs a lot of money; money he didn’t have. His solution? Kill and dismember two of his friends and take their money. Problem solved.

Wozniak’s determination not to have a modest and affordable wedding and honeymoon literally cost the lives of two people. Even in our age of hedonistic pursuits and materialism, this has to rank as one of the most heinous crimes ever.

The death row inmate was heavily in debt in 2010 when he was expecting to get married. He wanted money, so he shot and killed his neighbor Samuel Herr in order to obtain the 50K the Army veteran had saved from his time of service in Afghanistan. He then murdered Herr’s friend Julie Kibuishi and set it up to appear as if Herr had raped and killed her. How tragic to have survived serving in Afghanistan only to come home and be murdered by a neighbor who wanted money. The injustice of it is staggering.

Wozniak is on death row in California and can’t be executed soon enough. Although California is notoriously conflicted about the death penalty, so for the moment, Wozniak joins over 700 other death row inmates awaiting their well earned punishment.

Pictured below are Herr and Kibuishi, Wozniak’s unsuspecting victims.

We never truly know our neighbors and sometimes it can be dangerous. As it was for these two innocent victims. Wozniak killed and stole in order to have a fancy wedding and honeymoon. Now the only place he will be going is the execution chamber. Good riddance.

See video below:

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