Democrats And The Pursuit Of Power

Democrats And The Pursuit Of Power: Democrats have always supported activist judges who are willing to ignore the law and the Constitution in order to help promote their ideology. The Democratic Party never cared that Bill Clinton was a liar or whether he broke the law. In the 2000 election, the Democrats treated the election laws of Florida as if they were irrelevant. In fact, they seemed determined to simply count the same votes over and over until they found some way to declare Al Gore the winner.

Now the Democrats are once again hoping that Democratic judges will ignore the law in an effort to help the Democrats retain control of the Senate. It doesn’t matter that Torricelli dropped out of the race two weeks too late for a replacement to named under the law. The Democrats couldn’t care less that some absentee ballots have already been cast.

You see, the Democrats don’t care about the law if they benefit from breaking it. Do you hear any Democrats stepping up to sat that either Torricelli should stay in the race or that the Democrats should concede? All I can say is that I’m glad that there’s no way that the Democrats could take over if a Republican President were to die. Draw your own conclusions as to why that is…

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