Democrats To Develop Plan To Sell Socialized And Crappy Health Care

by William Teach | May 14, 2009 9:22 am

The odds are running 100-1 that their plan revolves around fear tactics and the use of words such as racist, bigot, and other personal attacks. Don’t forget, if you are against socializing the health care system, you are an extreme right wing extremist for being against expanding the power of the federal government

Alarmed at Republican attacks on President Obama’s health care proposals[1], Senate Democrats huddled Wednesday with White House officials to formulate a response.

Democrats said they felt an urgent need to devise a “message” to answer Republicans assertions that Mr. Obama’s proposals could lead to “a Washington takeover of health care.”

Isn’t “a Washington takeover of health care” kinda the point of President Neophyte’s, and leading Democrats, plan?

What are the Democrats so worried about? How about this message from the Republicans

In the memorandum, Mr. Luntz said his polling and analysis had identified this as “the best anti-Democrat message”: “No Washington bureaucrat or health care lobbyist should stand between your family and your doctor. The Democrats want to put Washington politicians in charge of your health care.”

Yeah, I don’t want Washington, which can do very little in an adequate manner, involved with my health care. Seemingly, most who do want Washington involved are grasshoppers, those on the left who do not want to have to think for themselves, and want Government to take care of them while us Ants pay for it. And if government is in charge, we might see headlines such as

And here’s a favorite: NHS top-up fee plan puts patients at risk, warn MPs[6]. The British government is much concerned with people buying their own, and more expensive, medicines from private providers. What they are really concerned with is people realizing that government run health care purely sucks, and you get what you pay for. TANSTAFL. There ain’t no thing such as a free lunch.

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