Desperate Celebrities Appear in Pathetic Anti-Trump Ad… SAD! [VIDEO]

Desperate Celebrities Appear in Pathetic Anti-Trump Ad… SAD! [VIDEO]

Wait just a moment. I think I totally get it now. If you are rich, famous and on TV or the big screen… that’s all you need to be an EXPERT in politics. All of the sudden you understand the issues and everyone is going to believe what you have to say because… FAMOUS!


Interestingly enough, I spotted a few celebrities on this video that I’m surprised to see on there telling us how to be good Americans. Especially when they don’t even gives 2 cents about just being a good person when they aren’t in front of a camera.

Just saying.

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Here, check out the video for yourself. You just might agree with me.

Did you get a load of their “issues?” The things ‘they’ care about…? There was a running theme. ‘Equality’ and not being judged for the color of your skin. That was the loudest and most frequent of them all.

Not caring about others who are being slaughtered by the thousands just because they were born in the wrong place. Not terrorists that are terrorizing and taking the lives of unsuspecting innocents all around the world. Not our weakened borders or state of chaos as a country.

No what they care about is themselves and making sure their hurt feelings are acknowledged.

Gag me.

There is only one reason I appreciate this video. It would have taken me a lot longer to figure out what celebrities I want to support with my money when I head to the movies. This summarizes that list perfectly.

Seems petty, but let me tell you something…

This video is masked under the smokescreen that is telling us they are only trying to get people out to vote, topped with… ‘hey, we’re good people even if you don’t agree with us, we still think your vote is important’.

Awww how sweet. But, deceiving.

The entire video is laced with liberal agenda, selfishness and it’s wrapped up really pretty in a video designed to make you feel something. That something is… what they want you to feel. It gets your senses on overdrive, then when you’re ready to conquer the world, they fill that passion with their agenda.

Classic Hollywood. Where creating fake feelings is their specialty.

Here’s the perfect video to explain what I mean…

That about sums it up just perfectly. Going to call it a day and exit stage right.

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