Detroit Climbs Aboard the Bailout Gravy Train

by Van Helsing | November 13, 2008 11:05 am

Detroit is a Petri dish, in which mad scientists have allowed the loathsome bacterium that is liberalism to flourish without restraint. As a result of this misguided experiment, the former capital of industry has been reduced to a Third-World hellhole. The most liberal city in America[1] has bankrupted itself, and now has its hand out[2]:

The Detroit City Council passed a resolution today calling for a $10-billion bailout for the city of Detroit.

Council President Pro Tem JoAnn Watson sponsored the resolution to use the money for public service employment, to fund mass transit plans and to place a moratorium on home foreclosures for two years.

$10 billion: for make-work jobs, mass transit boondoggles, and to help parasites live beyond their means. When that has been flushed down the toilet, New Mogadishu will demand $10 billion more. Socialism was imposed on Russia and China at gunpoint. Here it’s being imposed by the sniveling victims of self-inflicted crises.

The new rule is: anyone who is too inept or crippled by moonbattery to be solvent is owed baskets of free cash by those who are competent and industrious enough to keep their heads above water.

Punishing success and rewarding failure have inevitable consequences. If you like what liberals have done to Detroit, you’ll love the new America after Obama brings Change.

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