Did Al Qaeda Hire Eric Margolis To Write Press Releases?

by John Hawkins | February 3, 2003 1:46 am

Did Al Qaeda Hire Eric Margolis To Write Press Releases?: You have got to read this editorial by Eric Margolis[1] in the Toronto Sun. This exact same editorial could appear, unedited on an Al-Qaeda website. In fact, the only thing missing is a call to Jihad against America. You think I’m exaggerating? Let me give you some samples from the editorial…

To begin with, Margolis calls the Iraqi invasion an, “evangelical crusade” and later asks what, “could Arabs do to prevent a war of aggression against Iraq that increasingly resembles a medieval crusade?” That’s right out of the Osama Bin Laden playbook folks.

Then Margolis trots out the ever popular, “it’s the Jews fault refrain” that never seems to get old in the Middle-East.

“…Arab leaders are keenly aware the strategy for the U.S. attack on Iraq, and attendant propaganda campaign – the biggest since World War II – were drawn up in 1998 by American neo-conservatives supportive of Israel’s rightist Likud government.

…The war on Iraq was designed to leave Israel dominant and unchallenged in the Mideast, put an end to Palestinian resistance, exact revenge on Hezbollah and ensure Arab regimes would be subservient to Israel and control of Iraqi and Saudi oil by the U.S., Israel and Turkey might follow.”

See it’s not about oil, it’s about the dreaded “neo-conservatives” (cough cough Jews cough cough) who Margolis thinks are behind the scenes orchestrating the whole war on terrorism for the benefit of Israel.

Then, Margolis goes to chastise the entire Middle-East for not standing up to the United States, to the point of actually saying the whole Middle-East should unite to fight against the United States…

“What could Arabs do to prevent a war of aggression against Iraq that increasingly resembles a medieval crusade? Form a united diplomatic front that demands UN inspections continue. Stage an oil boycott of the U.S. if Iraq is attacked. Send 250,000 civilians from across the Arab world to form human shields around Baghdad and other Iraqi cities. Boycott Britain, Turkey, Kuwait and the Gulf states that join or abet the U.S. invasion of Iraq. Withdraw all funds on deposit in U.S. and British banks. Accept payment for oil only in Euros, not dollars. Send Arab League troops to Iraq, so an attack on Iraq is an attack on them all. Cancel billions worth of arms contracts with the U.S. and Britain.” (my emphasis)

Margolis even goes on to chastise the Arab states for being cowards because won’t fight against the US…

“At least make a token show of male hormones and national pride. But the Arab states won’t. They will cringe, temporize, then join the vultures who will feed on Iraq’s bleeding carcass, while vying to prove their loyalty to Washington.”

Margolis even lauds Saddam and Osama Bin Laden…

“No wonder Osama bin Laden remains so popular. The only Arab leader to show any gumption over the past decade is Saddam Hussein. However cruel and disastrous his rule, Saddam alone stood up to the Mideast’s modern colonial power, the United States.”

It’s just amazing to see something like this in a Canadian paper. What is Margolis trying to do, get syndicated in Arab News? Did someone from Al Qaeda hack in and post this column in his name? Hell, I’m surprised he didn’t go all the way and encourage Muslims across the world to strap on suicide belts and try to take as many citizens of the “Great Satan” with them as they can on the way out. Hey Eric Margolis, is OK if we call you an “anti-American” now? Geeze…

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