The Difference Between Growing Up In America in The 1960’s Compared To 2016

The Difference Between Growing Up In America in The 1960’s Compared To 2016


I often sit and wonder what in heaven’s name went wrong? I am part of the dreaded and infamous millennial generation. I rely on spell-check, I use social media and I know what a hipster is. We are the generation that brought you Facebook, Obama and Black Lives Matter. What exactly happened between my parent’s generation and mine? Because, oh mercy, things are not looking good.

This can clearly be evidenced by the current protests and responses to the election in which President-elect Donald Trump beat out millennial favorite, Hillary R. Clinton. And the responses are truly ridiculous. Over a week later, protests are still taking place. The #notmypresident has taken off. And suddenly after almost 250 years, the Electoral College doesn’t work…. at least that is what my fellow millennials are crying.

Safety pins are selling out in stores and are being pinned to shirts as a sign that individuals wearing them are a safe person. Again, you’re welcome. That is my generation. Safe places are another result. Whatever happened to working hard? The entitlement issue is truly astounding. More millennial adults live with their parents and longer than any other generation.

So, if you have tried to articulate what exactly is wrong with the generation, look no further, because this perfectly describes it. What is the difference between those raised in the 60’s and those raised in this current mess? Well, maybe it looks something like this.


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