Disabled Florida Man STANDS BY His Professor Wife Who Repeatedly Tried To Suffocate Him

Disabled Florida Man STANDS BY His Professor Wife Who Repeatedly Tried To Suffocate Him

A man who is confined to a wheelchair is under the mistaken belief that he did something that caused his wife to snap and attempt to smother him with a pillow. Despite the murder attempt, he’s standing by her decision to try and murder him:


A disabled man reportedly believes he is at fault for making his professor wife of 25 years snap and try to suffocate him.

Polk State professor Cherry Olds, 59, has been accused of trying to kill her longtime spouse, 57-year-old James Olds, at the couple’s home in Lakeland, Florida on September 30.

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James Olds told Bay News 9: ‘Somehow my baby snapped and I can’t help but think that I was responsible for her snapping.’

Bay News 9 reported the length of the couple’s marriage.

Speaking to the local news station, Olds revealed he’s filed for divorce and has a protective order against his wife.

An arrest affidavit obtained by WTSP said that his son ‘Steven Olds advised us, that his father (James Olds) is suffering from and is diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) and that James Olds currently has no use of extremities and can only move his head.’

The document said James Olds told his wife following the initial try to smother him ‘You almost killed me!’ – with his wife saying ‘That’s the point a******’ before trying to smother him once more.

‘At this point, James knew the attack was coming, and looked away from Cherry Olds as she pressed the pillow against his face; by doing this James Olds could breath around the pillow,’ the affidavit said.

His son ‘heard the confrontation and entered the room, but did not observe any physical conflict,’ the document said.

Speaking to WTSP, James Olds said his wife proceeded to sleep next to him in bed, and said she didn’t recall the incident the day after.

Steven Olds was on the floor, according to the television station. He was the one who reached out to police on October 1.

The arrest affidavit said Cherry Olds wasn’t at the Lakeland residence when police arrived.

According to WTSP, she handed herself over to authorities after spending the weekend with her boyfriend.

Authorities are holding her without bond, Bay News 9 reported.

James Olds told the television station: ‘I just want everybody to know that I’ve always loved my wife.’

‘I always will love my wife and I still do today.’

His love is endearing but, perhaps, misguided. While a man should love his wife unconditionally, perhaps her trying to murder him should render this bond significantly strained, to say the least.

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