Disgraced celebrity Tila Tequila has to open a GoFundMe just to do this

by Rachel Alexander | January 17, 2016 11:39 am

tltq[1]A problem that has arisen with GoFundMe accounts is people are using them to raise money for themselves for no real reason other than wanting free money. Want a trip to Europe but you can’t afford it? Start a GoFundMe account. Need help with your $4,500/mth rent? Start a GoFundMe account like reality TV star Tila Tequila. [2]

The Mirror reports,

Nazi sympathiser and disgraced CBB star Tila Tequila was forced to turn to crowd sourcing to pay her rent.

Reality star Tila, who reportedly picked up a $175,000 fee despite being booted off last summer’s CBB , took to gofundme after discovering she didn’t have enough cash to meet her rent or buy any furniture for her new place.

Loyal fans stepped up to plate, donated $3,000 so the star and her daughter Izzy weren’t left homeless or without furniture.

Tila wrote on her page: “The reason why I am creating this GoFundMe campaign is because they have raised the rent at my old home to $4,500 a month, and being a single mother without any support from the father, it can sometimes be very tough taking care of 2 people with only a 1 person income.

Somehow I doubt that her new pad is much cheaper. Whatever happened to personal responsibility and working for a living? If you can’t afford a fancy place, then you shouldn’t live there. Apparently acting like a sleazeball on reality TV doesn’t pay off after all. Not to mention calling Hitler “a brilliant artist” who was “ahead of his time” and saying she has “the same hopes and dreams as Hitler.” This woman needs to grow up and her fans should stop enabling her.

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