DISGRACEFUL: Obama Jokes About ISIS On The Day America Is Bombed Twice [VIDEO]

DISGRACEFUL: Obama Jokes About ISIS On The Day America Is Bombed Twice [VIDEO]

Last Saturday, thousands of people were about to participate in a charity 5K race to benefit Marines and sailors in New Jersey when they discovered a bomb had been planted in an area where the crowd would be standing. Later that evening, nine people were stabbed at a shopping mall in Minnesota in a horrific act of violence by a man making references to ‘Allah’.


Obama, the President of the United States, MUST have heard about the New Jersey and New York bombings earlier Saturday before giving his speech at the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation Dinner. Minnesota stabbings had just barely happened. Dozens were injured, so Obama MUST have been told, right? Then about 8:40 PM, a dumpster exploded outside of the Associated Blind Housing facility in New York City.

There we NO sensitivities as Obama began his speech. 2 minutes into his speech he joked about ‘ISIL’ which was terrible, horrible and very tacky timing.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I am so relieved that the whole birther thing is over,” Obama said. “I mean, ISIL, North Korea, poverty, climate change, none of those things weighed on my mind like the validity of my birth certificate.”

At one point in the speech, he delivered an impassioned plea to the black community to stop Donald Trump, saying he would consider it a “personal insult” to his legacy if black voters didn’t turn out for Hillary Clinton. Looks like the Democrats are struggling and rightly so as the NY Post just reported on a new poll that shows Trump dramatically increasing with black voters. Trump just saw a 16.5 percentage-point increase in backing from African-American voters in a Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California tracking poll, up from 3.1 percent on Sept. 10 to 19.6 percent through Friday.

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