Disturbing Video: Teen girl says mom’s boyfriend molested her & mom beats her up

by Sierra Marlee | June 15, 2017 1:01 am

Admitting to someone that you’ve been molested is hard for many, many people. Admitting to your mother that her boyfriend is the one who violated you is even worse. Worst yet is telling your mom that her boyfriend touched you without your permission, and having you physically assault you.

Adding insult to injury, (literally) is having people standing around you watching you get your butt kicked by your mother and laughing.

This is a horrible, horrible world we live in.


The man denies ever touching the girl, and asserts that it was her grandmother’s boyfriend who molested her.

Screenshots courtesy of KissyDenise[2]:



Two months ago, the mother of the girl posted a status on Facebook claiming that the girl ran away and that she wants her “angel” to come home.


Well is it any wonder she doesn’t want to live with that woman anymore? The video below shows more than enough of what goes on in that house.

If this mom isn’t in jail for this, she certainly needs to be. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to treat their child like this, especially after being told that she may have been molested. The fact that this was the mother’s immediate reaction to being told that her daughter had been violated says a lot about how terrible she is as a person.

I just want to give this girl the biggest hug and show her the love that she’s clearly not receiving at home. Children should feel loved and protected by their parents, but this young girl does not have that luxury.

If you were curious as to why it’s so hard to victims of sexual crimes to come forward, you’re looking at it. While the reactions may not be as physical or extreme, all victims are scared to death of being rejected. This “mother” only adds to that fear.

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