DISTURBING VIDEO: 19-Year-Old Runs Over Victim With Her CAR Before Taking Off

DISTURBING VIDEO: 19-Year-Old Runs Over Victim With Her CAR Before Taking Off

A Michigan teen, Jalin Smith-Walker is seen fighting with another 19-year-old girl shortly before hopping in her car and running her down. The kicker is, this isn’t the first time that she’s been charged with using her vehicle to assault someone. In December, Smith-Walker was alleged to have drug a mall security guard behind her car when he tried to stop her from shoplifting. Nice young lady, obviously.


From The Daily Mail:

A 19-year-old woman is wanted by police after video appeared online this week, showing the teenager hitting and running over a rival with her car in a ruthless street fight.

Grand Rapids, Michigan Police have an arrest warrant out for suspect Jalin Smith-Walker in connection to the Monday evening fight, but as of Thursday morning authorities say they are still attempting to locate the young woman.

And this isn’t the first time that Smith-Walker has been accused of wreaking havoc with her car. In December, she was arrested for dragging a mall security guard several feet when he tried to stop her on suspicion of shoplifting.

Monday evening’s incident was captured on video by a bystander who uploaded the shocking clip to the website World Star Hip Hop.

It shows Smith-Walker and the victim, an unidentified fellow 19-year-old, throwing up fists in the middle of a street in Muskegon, Michigan – coaxed on by a small crowd surrounding them.

The fight starts off with a few punches, and moves to the two girls brawling on a car. When friends try to intervene, others tell them to give the girls space so they can continue fighting it out.

Eventually the two part, and Smith-Walker is seen getting in her gray car across the street. That’s when her victim grabs what looks to be a log and throws it on Smith-Walker’s windshield as she is backing out of her parking spot.

Bystanders emit loud shrieks as Smith-Walker is then seen speeding forward with her car, knocking the victim onto the asphalt and running her over before speeding down the street.

The clips ends with the victim in dumbstruck horror, helpless on the street as bystanders rush to her aid.


I have a problem with literally everything in this video. The bystanders who did nothing, the person filming the incident, (though I am sort of thankful for that, as it will be used as evidence when Miss Smith-Walker is finally caught), the girls who couldn’t hold themselves to a higher standard than street-fighting, but mostly I am bothered by the fact that the upbringing these children must have had – yes I’m blaming the parents here – made it seem like this type of barbaric behavior is acceptable. Luckily, the unidentified victim only suffered a leg injury, and has been released from the hospital.

If you have any information on Jalin Smith-Walker, please don’t hesitate to contact the police. I have posted better photos below so you can better identify her.


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