Ditch Ryan: Justin Amash: ‘We Need a Change in Direction from this Speaker or We Need a New Speaker’

by Samuel Gonzalez | April 11, 2017 8:33 pm

From Amash’s mouth to God’s ears! I never wanted this clown Paul Ryan as speaker i the first. The man has no guts!

Breitbart[1] reports congressman Justin Amash[2] (R-MI) said that if the House of Representatives does not change course, Republicans might need a new Speaker.

The Michigan conservative responded to a question about gridlock in Washington, saying[3], “We need either a change in direction from this speaker, or we need a new speaker.”

Rep. Amash added that the speaker should be replaced with someone who is “nonpartisan.”

Congressman Amash also criticized the House Republican leadership. He said[4], “When we go home for the weekend, they give us a set of talking points. They say, ‘Here are your talking points.’ That’s not the way you’re supposed to represent a community.”

Congressman Amash echoes the sentiment of other conservatives who wonder if Ryan should lead the House.

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