When Your Doctor Asks If You Have A Gun At Home, THIS Is What You Say!

When Your Doctor Asks If You Have A Gun At Home, THIS Is What You Say!

Healthcare is extremely personal, but what happens if your doc tries to get a little TOO personal? For example, asking how many firearms you have in your house?

The right has fought back against this blatant invasion of privacy, but we finally have a way for you to answer the question without ending up on a list of some sort.


While some doctors would have you believe that your firearms are actually a health issue…

“Firearm violence is an important health problem, and most physicians agree that they should help prevent that violence,” wrote Garen J. Wintemute, a public health expert at the University of California Davis and co-author of the paper, in an email to The Washington Post. In the literature review, which doubles as a call-to-arms, the authors conclude it is neither illegal nor unreasonable to ask patients about gun safety.

“No federal or state law prohibits doctors from asking about firearms, counseling about their use, and — when there is imminent risk of harm — disclosing information to others who can help,” Wintemute said. Several states have mulled statutes similar to Florida’s, but none of the proposed bills have passed.

“Physicians seek to prevent important health problems at the individual and population levels,” Wintemute and his colleagues write. “They inquire and counsel—routinely in some cases, selectively in others—about a wide range of health-related behaviors and conditions. In certain circumstances, they disclose otherwise confidential information to third parties to limit the risk an affected person poses to others. Physicians generally do not do well at firearm related injury prevention, however. They ask infrequently about firearms and counsel poorly, if at all, though they are aware that the high lethality of firearms makes prevention efforts particularly important.”

… the rest of us realize that it is none of their business how many, if any, guns we have in our homes. With healthcare being taken over by the government, we have to be more and more careful about what we disclose to our physicians.

So, what can we do if our doc asks if we have any guns in our home?

According to Jazz Shaw at HotAir, the answer is simple and obvious: We lie.

Yep, we are not required by law to disclose that information and because it has nothing to do with why you went in for a sprained ankle or mysterious lump on your ear lobe, you don’t have to be honest.

You DON’T want to tell them you refuse to answer the question, or launch into a 3-hour long speech on why it’s none of their business, because they may make note of that. Instead, just tell them “no.”

It’s the easiest way to get the doctor and the government off of your back without raising any flags.

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