Doctors Opt Out Of Medicare/Medicaid Would Rather Give Treatment For Free

Doctors hate the paperwork associated with government run health care. It is oppressive and can be criminal if done wrong. Just think IRS applied to health care paper work. Yeah, daily misery. I talk about more over at Pajamas:

Doctors go into the business of helping people. When the business of helping people becomes purely business, the joy is sucked out of the art and science of medicine. The government necessarily contains costs (when they attempt it) a couple ways: eliminating procedures covered, rationing care that is covered, and cutting fees. These three steps make doctoring effectively joyless and in some cases, impossible.

Patients get angry that certain procedures are not covered under the government-run programs, but it’s the government itself that is to blame. Or rather, people seem to have a disconnect between what the government is meant to provide and what an individual citizen must take care of himself. When the government gets involved in a person’s health care, the relationship shifts. The government sits in the treatment room and dictates the terms. Imagine having parents in the bedroom with a married couple directing what goes on in the relationship. How much fun is that? The spouse not related to the parents (the doctor) often wants a divorce. As Lorie Byrd says regarding health care, “It’s personal.”

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