Does Bill de Blasio have mental illness?: He feels New Yorkers don’t appreciate his greatness

by Samuel Gonzalez | May 7, 2015 7:31 pm

It’s worse than I thought!

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio is a Commuinist-check!

Bill de Blasio is a radical Leftist-check!

Bill de Blasio abolished Stop and Frisk, shooting are up, Murders are, 5 Cops shot in 5 months, 3 died-check!

But, on top of all that Bill de Blasio equates starting Pre-K (throwing around pillows in a classroom for 4 year olds), with sending a man to the moon? The man does not have a grip on reality and serious thought needs to be considered that he’s mentally unbalanced.


NY Post [1]

No, really, my progressive agenda kills ’em in Des Moines.

Mayor de Blasio says the people who know him best — New Yorkers — don’t appreciate his first-year accomplishments nearly as much as folks in the rest of the US do.

In a seven-page profile published in Rolling Stone magazine[2] Wednesday, Hizzoner suggested his big-ticket items like the expansion of pre-K get drowned out by coverage of the day-to-day headaches that come with running a city.

“A lot of people outside New York City understand what happened in the first year of New York City better than the people in New York City,” he told the magazine.

“But I’m convinced something very special happened here.”

His self-aggrandizing assessment came a day after a Wall Street Journal/NBC 4/Marist College poll found that 49 percent of New York voters think the city is headed in the wrong direction…


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