Don’t Hate Them Because They’re Beautiful

by Sharon Soon | December 11, 2008 9:01 pm

Just hate them because they’re conservative.

This is apparently the mantra of the desperate left wing, who preach tolerance, political correctness, hugs, and high-five’s to all – unless, of course, they don’t subscribe to the secular leftist agenda. If that’s the case, then the rules are turned upside-down: the most vicious, vile, crude, and classless lies are not only acceptable, but encouraged. I guess when you can’t argue with real facts and reason, you’ve gotta get a little creative.

The latest display of shameful behavior by the liberals comes in the form of sexually degrading attacks on the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s 2009 Calendar (which, by the way can be purchased here[1]). For those who aren’t familiar with the group, CBLPI [2]is a group dedicated to mentoring and encourage conservative women to make an impact in their communities. Partnered with prominent women from Phyllis Schlafly to Ann Coulter to Michelle Malkin, the institute sells a calendar each year featuring several of our country’s most celebrated conservative females.

The problem? There doesn’t seems to be any harm in this innovative way to promote conservative leaders, but, ever predictably, the liberals are fuming. I’ve long stopped being surprised by how low these guys are willing to stoop, and yet even I couldn’t help but raise an eyebrow at some of the comments being made about these admirable role models.[3]

Less than twenty-four hours after the launch of the Clare Boothe Luce Policy Institute’s “Pretty in Mink” calendar, an onslaught of angry leftist bloggers unleashed a torrent of visceral hatred–aimed at everything from the calendar’s photography and makeup to the women’s physical appearance.

The ladies are “sexy loudmouth whores” according to a blogger. Another claims the calendar is “an attempt to make erections lean to the right.” The women, they complain, “aren’t even remotely attractive.”

Some insist the calendar women aren’t actually women at all, but are in reality men in drag. Others say they’re not even people. One blogger says the ladies “look like cyborgs trying their best human impersonation.” Another calls them “mutts.”

And the fact that the Luce Policy Institute even suggests the ladies are attractive makes one offended man “want to look for the nearest revolver.”

Sorry, pal – chances are you don’t support gun rights, so if you had you’re way, you might be looking for a while.

One leftist group is so revolted by the photos, went to the trouble of substituting into the calendar layout photographic images of their reactions to the conservative calendar ladies. One of the photos portrays a woman hanging herself, while another depicts an individual who appears to have overdosed on prescription medication.

The calendar so upsets one individual that that he fumed he would “kill” one of the calendar ladies if he could “get away with it.”

Really, now – what’s with these murderous liberals all of a sudden? Do they not have a capital punishment case to be protesting somewhere?

Jessica Cantelon of CBLPI, in speculating as to why the left so quickly turns to such depravity in their attacks against a few harmless women, pinpoints the real reason behind their shameless aggression:

Insecurity propels them by their own fear to unleash bewildering venom on anything that threatens their ideology, no matter how minor… it betrays the totalitarian underpinnings of leftist ideology.

If you consider that liberal platform is based on lies, manipulation, and slander, it’s no wonder that they have so much hatred for bright, talented, successful women who are not afraid to call out the left for what is truly is. They would be right to feel afraid.

In their reaction, however, they reveal the truth about themselves. In their desperation they throw integrity and honor out the door, and this can be seen in just about any situation where their positions are challenged. For all practical purposes, I almost view this petty hatred as a benefit to conservatives, almost like a conservative’s guide on “what NOT to do.” As Cantelon puts it,

The good news for conservatives is that if these ladies were of no consequence, no one would care enough to attack them. That they come under withering assailment for being in a calendar — a calendar! — proves how effective they are in posing a threat to those of differing ideology.

I’ll also offer one more hypothesis for the left’s pitiful attempts to discredit our strongest conservative women: really, they’re just jealous.

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