Drone pilot takes to the air over California beach to film boarders… and spots SHARKS just feet away

by John Brodgian | August 11, 2015 11:28 am

A drone user was flying it around just to get some nice aerials of the beach. Instead, he may have saved the lives of a few surfers, because he saw the SHARKS[1] swimming right by them that they didn’t even know were there…

Drone pilot takes to the air over California beach to film boarders... and spots SHARKS just feet away[2]

Dustin McCaslin, of Bakersfield, had taken his DJI Phantom 3 drone to Pismo State Beach in San Luis Obispo County.

But as he watched the footage being beamed down by his gadget he noticed the huge predator swimming underneath the surfers.

At one point the enormous shark appeared to be joined by a second shark.

Horrified McCaslin quickly flew the drone back to land and showed the footage to a lifeguard.

Watch the video below. Sometimes, catching that sweet wave just isn’t worth it…

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