The Druggy, Child Neglecting Hipster Who Ran Deadly Oakland Warehouse Party…What YOU Need To Know! – VIDEO

by McIntosh | December 6, 2016 2:36 am

The piece of garbage in charge of the artist’s ‘commune’ where at least 36 were killed in a fire on Friday night in Oakland, California, is revealed to have neglected his children to go to drug-fueled parties.


Derick Ion Almena and his wife would abandon their three children with a teenage babysitter for as long as five days at a time – and would return boasting about their ‘transcendent experiences’ while off being scumbags.

Mariah Benavides, the teenage babysitter, spoke of how she was put in charge of the children while Almena and Micah Allison would let her know that they were heading out ‘to have fun’.

Almena’s father-in-law said that both his daughter and his son-in-law were ‘heavy drug users’ and struggled to express his feelings on the matter – saying the father-of-three should be in prison. Michael Allison said he and other family members had already tried staging an intervention 18 months ago in hopes of getting Allison to deal with her rampant drug use which had left ‘her hands like claws,’ according to her Father.


Almena found no shame in describing himself on a Facebook post as ‘the thriller love child of Manson, Pol Pot and Hitler’ and even extending that gloat: ‘I can proverbially [sic] get away with murder.’

Now with dozens of people killed, he is facing a criminal probe by the district attorney into the warehouse fire, which has been officially stated to have claimed at least 36 lives.


Alison said the family was assisted by the couple’s friend Danielle Boudreaux, who had been picking up their children from school, feeding and bathing them because they were being so neglected in their own home.

Speaking to reporters, Boudreaux, 40, shared that the couple’s children continually had lice in their hair and often were being fed a diet of 99 cent cheeseburgers.

‘It went on for a certain amount of time with me constantly picking the kids up from school, bringing them home to my place, bathing them, feeding them. They all had lice repeatedly. I was picking lice out of their hair, they’d missed 50 days of the first 100 days of school.’

With all this information on this scumbag, I don’t feel one ounce of mercy for him…here he is allegedly ‘tripping out’ on whatever this loser decided was the drug of the day:

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