Dubious WSJ/NBC Poll claims Liberal shift toward Same Sex marriage but doesn’t measure atmosphere of intimidation and bullying

by Samuel Gonzalez | June 7, 2015 5:10 pm

You don’t support Gay marriage? Wkibully[1]

You don’t support Gay marriage? Wkibully

We have a perception problemin the media[2]. In Europe where morally bereft social mores are 20 years ahead of the United States, people have lost their jobs for making a comment on social media against same sex marriage or speaking out in favor of traditional marriage.

It’s been happening there for quite a long time and there have been some incidences of it in the United States—CrystalDixon[3]. She got fired for responding to an Op Ed piece on Gay rights. All she did was offer a well argued and thoughtful contrary point of view based on her Judeo-Christian beliefs. But, she got fired for it.

Recently we’ve seen a president of a Tech firm[4] forced to resign his position for contributing to a ballot initiative defending traditional marriage.

More recently than that the full weight of media scrutiny fell upon a Pizza parlor worker[5] for uttering her Christian beliefs that conflicted with support for a Gay wedding. All these occurrences have a ripple effect and in my opinion it’s bullying the public into demonstrating what happens to others who don’t fall in line.

According to the Wall Street Journal[6]:

These signs of an ideological shift come at a time when public opinion is rapidly changing in favor of gay marriage — a social view long regarded as liberal that is gaining wider acceptance among members of both parties.


I contend that all these polls are invalid because people are scared to answer truthfully. Why should they stick their necks out in an era of NSA spying whereby so-called anonymous polls may not be so anonymous when the wrong answers are given?

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