DUmmies Dream of Silencing Fox News

by Van Helsing | June 30, 2009 11:48 am

For bucking the media trend of lockstep leftism, Fox News continues to be rewarded with fabulous success[1], earning ratings equal to the next three cable news networks combined. Moonbats are not dealing well with this[2].

But with the help of Big Government, they may yet be able to impose the ideological conformity that characterizes most everything else on television. A commenter at Democratic Underground makes this chilling wish[3]:

Fox News’s days are numbered. When the Fairness Doctrine is back in force there will be a whole new playing field.

Killing fields are so 1970s. Now progressives have playing fields.

Given a choice, people pick news over statist propaganda.

On a tip from V the K[4].

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