E-COLI Has Chipotle Closing Their Restaurants Feb 8th

by Sierra Marlee | January 15, 2016 11:12 am

Chipotle has announced that they are shutting down all of their stores for one day due to the E. Coli[1] that has been reported in many locations.


From E![3]:

Due to the E. coli outbreak that has been plaguing the company[4] since October, Chipotle will shutter all its stores for a few hours on Feb. 8 for a national all-employee meeting about the plans to eliminate the issue, a rep confirms to E! News. The closure is to give execs time to answer questions about the outbreak and to go over a new marketing plan to bring customers back.

So Feb. 8 is the date to circle in your “Burrito Lovers of America” calendar. And plan to brown bag it to work on that day, because Chipotle might not be open if the carnitas urge hits you. Sure, the restaurants will only be closed for a limited time period, but if those hours coincide with your lunch break…ruh-roh!

During an investor conference in Florida on Wednesday, Chipotle CEO Steve Ells reported that execs met with officials[5] from the Center for Disease Control last week to discuss the widespread food borne illness, which caused 43 stores to close in November[6] and has infected at least 53 people in nine states thus far.

“I’m hopeful that the CDC will call this over soon,” Ells said. “We know that Chipotle is as safe as it’s ever been before. We are all very confident that this E. coli outbreak would not happen again.”

Chipotle has already implemented new food safety measures[7], though they still have yet to find the initial cause of the E. coli outbreak.

If you’re an avid Chipotle fan, this might be bad news for your lunch break, but if it prevents people from getting E. Coli from the food, I’m all for it.

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