Elderly Woman LEVELS CNN Reporter For Assuming She Voted Hillary Clinton [VIDEO]

by McIntosh | November 10, 2016 12:40 am

A very assuming CNN reporter got a bit more than he bargained for when he approached an elderly woman with the question as to why she was not voting for Hillary Clinton. Like most of mainstream media[1], the phoniness bleeds through to the viewer and you really can sense the disgust that someone would vote for Donald Trump over ‘their’ candidate, Hillary Clinton.


Unfortunately for the reporter – and CNN’s obnoxious, unprofessional narrative – the woman, named Jackie Krachala, was actually voting the way she wished to vote.

“He’s the best there is right now, we need somebody strong, we need our country to be our country again.” Krachala claimed boldly to the young whippersnapper!

The CNN reporter followed up with a question that should have offended any rational thinking woman:

“Aren’t you excited for the first female president?”

What kind of idiotic question is that? Are women so shallow and foolish that they will vote ONLY for a woman, no matter what kind of corruption and deceit they are involved in? Not Krachala. In fact, here’s her response:


It was at this time that Mr. Krachala piped in that he was the one actually voting for Hillary and that’s when the reporter really showed his despicable side with a question only a degenerate would consider asking a seasoned couple like these two. He asked, “Do you guys actually love each other?”

And in the way that only a cute, elderly couple can do, they responded in unison, “Of course.”

Really CNN. Go home. The American people have spoken…


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