EPIC! TX Governor Melts College Snowflakes By Turning Up The Heat Over Sanctuary Cities

EPIC! TX Governor Melts College Snowflakes By Turning Up The Heat Over Sanctuary Cities

A term that has been made widespread to conservatives in the last few years is ‘sanctuary cities’, which are hundreds of cities in America restricted as safe-havens for illegal immigrants. These major cities pick and choose which federal laws they want to obey and decline to prosecute illegal immigrants solely for being “undocumented.” That may be coming to an end soon.

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During Trump’s ‘Gettysburg’ address, he announced a series of actions that his administration would accomplish if elected President. One of those promises was he will cut off any federal funding being funneled to these cities, which would severely cripple each city’s infrastructure and economy. That’s the promise, but we’ll see what happens…But one governor isn’t waiting around for that.

But that threat has only emboldened the liberal arts socialists occupying universities around the nation to erect their own mini sanctuary cities on their respective campuses. Hundreds of campuses nationwide are being pressed to become “sanctuary campuses” and yet these boobs can’t even decide on what they decide on! Asking the same question to each of them will get you a different answer from each of them.

Some are asking colleges not to join forces with federal authorities on immigrant issues, while others want administrators to stop federal immigration authorities from searching campuses.

Who wants to bet that they’ll probably end up settling on both? Now Governor Abbott of Texas is taking the matter into his own hands, as it should be.

Conservative Tribune has the details:

“In response to students in his state petitioning their respective universities to institute sanctuary policies to protect illegal-immigrant students, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott announced Thursday via Twitter that any campus caught doing as such would pay a steep price.”

Now that’s how a Governor needs to operate. To hell with the federal government, if we continue to depend on them to do what is lawfully right and just, it will never happen. This effects the states, so the states should take the LEAD and the federal government should follow…

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