Europe: Out–European Bailouts By Americans, In–Talk

For eight years, Americans have been given a steady media diet about how America would receive help from Europe if only George W. Bush would have been less cowboy and more diplomat. So now, America has President Barack Obama who is all hat and no cattle, and European policy is still selfish, short-sighted and really, anti-American.

President Obama spent his European trip saying soothing words to an adoring electorate. That’s great. America now has our own version of Princess Diana in our President–beautiful, stylish, vapid, narcissistic and a tad unstable. The press adores him. The people swoon.

Meanwhile, Europe still refuses to help root out al Qaeda in Afghanistan and Iraq and denies any responsibility for the world economic woe. Now, I don’t feel so bad that they told our President “no way on the spending”, because I’d like less of that here, myself. It just irritates me that they Europeans are so eager to use anti-American rhetoric when they expect America to take care of them.

Here is the reality: Right now, Iran is almost armed. Right now, Russia controls a good chunk of the energy that makes it to Europe. Oh, and by the way, Russia informs America that Iran poses no threat to us. How about Europe? How about Israel? The European countries risk being squeezed like a vice. Should bad things happen in this scenario (and how can bad things not happen?) who do they expect to bail them out of the crisis? America.

Old Europe has pathetic military forces. They refuse to spend on defense. They live cushy, mediocre, socialistic lives because their excess cash goes to financial support for the non-productive with their perennially high unemployment rate. And they are surrounded by enemies and depend on America to be the bad cop while they appease evil all around.

And yet, President Obama kisses the ring of these weak, mushy “allies”. He bows where he shouldn’t. Worst of all, he puts terror in the hearts of staunch American friends. Poland worries about being defenseless. India is pressured about Kashmir. Israel, by all actions of the President, will stand alone.

In the new world order, Iran and North Korea will be allowed to continue their ambitions. In the new world order, President Obama will appease the appeasers in Europe. In the new world order, loyal American allies will be disrespected.

Japan, Poland and “New Europe”, India, Israel, and even “Old Europe” better pay attention. President Obama has shown a penchant for saying things that sound good to everyone but holding very leftist policies.

The only satisfying part of this new approach is that Europe will be receiving a taste of their own medicine. There will be lots of talk. Europeans prize talking. President Obama prizes talking. It’s a relationship made in Freudian, psychoanalytic heaven.

Talk. Talk. Talk. And when Europe gets in a pinch, rather than a bailout, they should expect more talk. It won’t keep them safe. It won’t fix anything. It will make the world more dangerous. But let’s keep our priorities straight. President Obama is absolutely dashing. That’s what matters most.

Europe and President Obama are a match made in heaven.

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