Even Piers Morgan is MAKING FUN OF liberal ‘millionaire celebrities’ upset about Trump

Even Piers Morgan is MAKING FUN OF liberal ‘millionaire celebrities’ upset about Trump

I like to give credit where it’s due, even if the source isn’t exactly one of my favorite people on the planet. Or even on the list.

What can I say? Even a broke clock is right twice a day.


Piers Morgan, one of the right’s favorite punching bags, appears to have retained a modicum of common sense and wrote an extremely intelligent article on the outcome of the American election.

His piece was published in The Daily Mail and in it he bashes all of the celebrities who think that their outrage matters more than that of anyone else simply because they’re celebrities.

There’s a video currently going viral starring Yoko Ono, in which she gives her response to Donald Trump’s election as new President of the United States of America.

It lasts about 15 seconds and consists of Yoko emitting a long, strangled, mournful, high-pitched scream. Imagine the noise a lobster makes when it is boiled alive, or a malfunctioning kettle exploding, and you’ll get the drift.

Ms Ono’s hysterical reaction perfectly epitomises the ludicrously over-the-top global meltdown by the planet’s celebrities to the result of a fair, open and democratic election.

He continues, mocking the reactions of those who think that Donald Trump’s election is literally the end of the world as we know it.

‘Trump is one of the very worst things to happen to our World in the last 100 years,’ declared actor Sir Patrick Stewart last night.

Really, Sir Patrick?

Worse than two World Wars?

Worse than the two atomic bombs landing in Japan?

Worse than the assassinations of JFK, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King?

Worse than 9/11?

Worse than Dunblane and Sandy Hook?

Worse than ISIS?

Get a grip, man.

This is perhaps one of the most unexpected sources we could imagine telling whiny liberals and progressives to get over themselves but hey, I agree with just about everything he had to say in this article.

Lady Gaga, the most outraged of all the outraged stars, joined protestors outside Trump Tower in New York, clutching a sign saying ‘Love trumps hate.’

Around her, people were burning and hanging effigies of the new President-elect. A beautiful illustration, right before our eyes, of love trumping hate!

Gaga then urged her Twitter followers to sign a petition demanding the Electoral College cast their votes on December 19 for Hillary Clinton because ‘Mr Trump is unfit to serve. Secretary Clinton won the popular vote and should be President!’

Of course, this would instantly rip up and negate America’s whole long-established election process, thus denying the will of the people who successfully elected Trump.

But why let such trifling details get in the way of a good rabble-rousing, self-interested display of celebrity ‘this is really all about me’ narcissism?

‘THE REVOLUTION IS COMING!’ bellowed Katy Perry, another devout singing Clinton-ite.

Morgan even mocked the women who “stripped for Hillary” and used their bodies as a way to urge people to vote for the former Democratic Presidential nominee.

No, my little Ché Guevara, that revolution has already come with Trump’s victory – a few days in fact after you and Madonna publicly stripped naked to urge people to vote for Hillary.

I’m doing the math and it seems your flesh didn’t prove to be quite the vote-winning turn-on you both imagined.

This summary of the election’s aftermath gets two thumbs up from me and it is a perfect example of common sense winning out over political persuasion and feelings.

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