Even The A.M.A. Opposes ObamaCare

by William Teach | June 11, 2009 8:56 am

Other then grasshoppers[1], is there anyone who really wants the government providing health insurance?

As the health care debate heats up[2], the American Medical Association is letting Congress know that it will oppose creation of a government-sponsored insurance plan, which President Obama and many other Democrats see as an essential element of legislation to remake the health care system.

The opposition, which comes as Mr. Obama prepares to address the powerful doctors’ group on Monday in Chicago, could be a major hurdle for advocates of a public insurance plan. The A.M.A., with about 250,000 members, is America’s largest physician organization.

But in comments submitted to the Senate Finance Committee, the American Medical Association said: “The A.M.A. does not believe that creating a public health insurance option for non-disabled individuals under age 65 is the best way to expand health insurance coverage and lower costs. The introduction of a new public plan threatens to restrict patient choice by driving out private insurers, which currently provide coverage for nearly 70 percent of Americans.”

If private insurers are pushed out of the market, the group said, “the corresponding surge in public plan participation would likely lead to an explosion of costs that would need to be absorbed by taxpayers.”

Not the best of arguments, since that is exactly what Obama and the Democrats are aiming for.

If the doctors are too aggressive in fighting the public plan, they risk alienating Democrats whose support they need for legislation to increase their Medicare fees.

Right there is a huge difference in the belief systems between liberals/progressives and Republicans/Conservatives: those of us on the Right believe that government is supposed to be responsive to the People, and should listen to the People, vis a vis the 1st Amendment. The Left believes that Government is there to dictate to the People, so, better be careful in your protests and criticisms!

Robert Gibbs, the White House press secretary, said that in his address to the group next week, Mr. Obama would “outline the case for health care reform and make clear why we can’t afford to wait another year, or another administration, to bring down costs that are crushing families, businesses and government.”

Will Secretary Teleprompter give President Obama the words that tell us HOW this will bring down costs? So far, I have yet to see an argument on the how’s, even a lame one.

America’s Health Insurance Plans, a lobby for insurers, said Tuesday that the government plan proposed by some Senate Democrats could “dismantle employer-based coverage and significantly increase costs for those who remain in private coverage.”

OK, we can see the cost going up if ObamaCare passes, unless you let the inefficiency of government cover you.

Under a proposal favored by many Democrats, doctors who take Medicare patients would also have to participate in the new public plan. Democrats say that requirement is needed to make sure the public plan can go into business right away with a large network of doctors.

And right there is a good argument. Doctors are already streaming away from Medicare and Medicaid, due to the pitiful payouts and enormous government red tape. It is exceedingly becoming more and more difficult for doctors to get paid, and, often, they lose money. Many of them provide the service because they want to help those who cannot afford the services, very noble. But, if they are going to be forced to deal with more and more government, having them dictate patients and practices, guess what? A good chunk of qualified and competent doctors will drop Medicaid altogether, and the lower quality ones, looking simply to gain government $$$, will be left in the program.

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