Evil Video: Thugs Rob Old Woman and Punch Her Out IN CHURCH

by John Brodgian | August 20, 2015 7:37 pm

How sad is it that you aren’t even safe in church? This story coming out of Omaha[1] of a woman being attacked is terrible…

Evil Video: Thugs Rob Old Woman and Punch Her Out IN CHURCH[2]

According to the church pastor, the attack has sent shockwaves through the tight knit community.

“Of course it’s shocking because we haven’t had anything like that here – at least not in 10 years,” Fr. Michael Gugsell told WOWT-TV. “And so obviously we prayed for her the next two masses and the parishioners are now concerned.”

A statement from the victim’s granddaughter on Facebook indicates the elderly woman is “ok,” and asks the community to pray for her attackers.

Praying for the attackers shows more grace than I would. Watch the video footage below.

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