Ex-Muslim Exposes The TRUTH- Says ISLAM Is NOT Compatible With The Values Of Human Rights, AND…

by McIntosh | April 29, 2016 1:54 am

There are plenty of folks around the world that have come face to face with the real Islam. An ugly and sadistic Islam. But not every practitioner of the cult-like Shari’a law is dedicated. Many have left the ‘religion’ [1]and have spoken out on about it.


We talk about the dangers of Islam practically every day. Dudes named Mohamed get dressed to the nines with explosive vests to commit acts of terror on the daily. It’s a Muslim thing. You wear cumber-buns or hoodies, so you won’t get it.

For some, near daily violence is proof enough of what Islam stands for. Others prefer to also have firsthand accounts of the Muslim lifestyle before making judgement calls (watch US Woman Leaving Islam Exposes Dark Truth). That’s why people like Omar (who made the video below) have decided to share their experiences with the rest of us. Take a listen.

Omar says it best in his video. When Islam is measured objectively, according to its teachings… It’s a big pile of explosive, oppressive excrement. If you’re of the female persuasion, put rape before the explosions. Because yes, Muhammad (terrorism be upon him) was a horrible person. His followers, in hoping to be much like him, have taken up his grenade launcher to follow in his ways. They’re hoping the 72 virgins aren’t transgender. We hope they look just like Stephoknee.

Are their any complaints from the atheist left on this mans denial of Islam? He went over point, by point on why Islam is incompatible. He used logic built from facts and reason.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Left disagreed…

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