EXPLOSIVE Fresh Developments In FBI Clinton Investigation Revealed! [VIDEO]

EXPLOSIVE Fresh Developments In FBI Clinton Investigation Revealed! [VIDEO]

Take my advice and actually watch the news clip here below. But in the meantime there are a handful of quotes you absolutely need to read.

BAIER: The Clinton Foundation investigation is far more expansive than anybody has reported. It was believed that the laptops that they had, after a narrow review for classification emails, were going to be destroyed by the FBI. We have been told that those definitively have not been destroyed. The Clinton Foundation investigation is so expansive they have interviewed and re-interviewed many people. They described the evidence that they have as, quote, “a lot of it,” and there is an avalanche coming every day with WikiLeaks and the new emails. They are, quote, “actively and aggressively pursuing this case.”

RUSH: And they are being slow walked — Andy McCarthy referred to this in his column a couple days ago, that the DOJ, attorney general slow walking the investigation, trying to impede it, actually, but they are interviewing people. They granted certain people immunity here, like Cheryl Mills and Heather Samuelson. They have discovered, folks, that some of people granted immunity have been lying. You do not lie when you get immunity.

HIllary Clinton is terrifying. Her family has to be the most corrupt that this nation has ever seen. We have one more week to be vocal and do everything we can to keep this woman from becoming the next president of the United States. So take the time to watch. Share. Let people know what you know. She can’t remain in power and she can not lead our country.

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