FAMED FEMINIST Olivia Wilde BASHES Men For Not Offering Their Seat To Her On Subway – Twitter RESPONDS…

FAMED FEMINIST Olivia Wilde BASHES Men For Not Offering Their Seat To Her On Subway – Twitter RESPONDS…

Gentlemen offer women their seat when they notice them standing on the subway, but though the action may be chivalrous, it is not to be expected.

Unless you’re an entitled brat like Olivia Wilde, that is. This female expected everything to be handed to her, but the irony was just too great.


In her tale of woe, a pregnant Wilde sobs about how a terrible, awful, mean man refused to give up his seat on the subway.

Of course, because she’s a famous actress, there are going to be people who support her even to the point of being… downright weird.



And then there are the people with common sense:



But of course there is always one case of a tweet that really cut to the heart of the matter. Not shockingly, it was deleted after Wilde decided to go after the tweeter, Kyle, personally.

What could force such an obviously level-headed and well-adjusted woman to use this kind of vulgar language?

Just a tweet that pointed out the obvious:

1. I didn’t tell u to get pregnant

2. Get an Uber (you can afford it)

3. I paid the same amt as you for the subway ride.

So the rich whiner Olivia Wilde couldn’t call for an Uber, Lyft, or even your everyday taxi to get where she was going? I mean, sure, everyone can ride the subway regardless of financial status, but wouldn’t you want a seat that is assured, rather than just expecting someone to get up for you because you chose to get pregnant?

Listen, I’m all for chivalry and kindness, but when you’re a feminist, as Wilde is, you’ve fought for women and men to be treated equally. Well, do you see men giving up their seats to other men on the subway unless it is an elderly or obviously sick gentleman? No? Well then, I guess you made your bed.

Let’s also not forget that this happened in Manhattan, an extremely liberal area. Liberals have been taught that they can act like spoiled brats and get away with it and that’s exactly what happened here. Liberal woman wants a seat and a presumably liberal man doesn’t want to give it up because he doesn’t think he has to.

In a conservative area like mine, men are taught manners. Once I walked into the DMV and there was a sizable line. A man in one of the only two chairs in the office stood up and offered me the seat. I politely declined, because I was so exhausted that if I had sat down I would have fallen asleep immediately, but it just goes to show that teaching men to respect women goes a long way. Meanwhile, you have crazed feminists like calling male kindness “benevolent sexism.”

So, if this mysterious subway man didn’t give up his seat, he’s a sexist, and if he did, he’s a benevolent sexist. Men just can’t win these days.

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