Family of Burned Chicago Teen Left in Trash Can Has Message for Those Saying ‘Black Lives Matter’

Family of Burned Chicago Teen Left in Trash Can Has Message for Those Saying ‘Black Lives Matter’

Millions of Americans nationwide are upset with the Black Lives Matter movement because they only appear after a widely publicized cop-on-citizen shooting. It would appear, based on just that alone, that they are only in it for the media attention and the money that comes along with that.

Of course, there is also the looting and rioting and burning of private property, but they don’t want us to focus on that because racism or something.


A 15 year-old kid was found burnt and tossed in a garbage can.

He was the kind of kid that every parent hopes for, helping out neighbors by walking their dogs, always following curfew and was always good-natured.

But on September 16th, Demetrius Griffin Jr. didn’t come home at curfew. That is when his mother realized something was very, very wrong.

After his body was found, his mother and aunt pleaded with the community to come forward with any information they had about his murder(ers).

‘What I need this community to understand is when you took this baby’s life you affected this whole family. You didn’t just take his life. And if you’re out here and you see this and you’re listening, look at what you did to this family.”

When his aunt Virginia Riley took to the microphone, she called out Black Lives Matter, who has been noticeably silent during this whole case.

“Don’t turn your back this time, y’all. We really need to find the solution or real, I mean, if you all talk about ‘Black Lives Matter,’ this life did matter.

Unfortunately, this is just one of the 500 murders that have taken place in Chicago during 2016 alone.

Without a doubt, this is one of the most heartbreaking cases of murder that the country has ever seen, but it will fade from the headlines soon enough. The nation will forget young Demetrius’ face, but a family and a community will be affected forever. They will have to walk to the mailbox remembering when Demetrius would walk the neighborhood dogs around the block. They will continue living in the house filled with his laughter and memories of his adorable face and piercing blue eyes.

Black lives DO matter, just as much as every other life on the planet. This young boy had his life RIPPED from him by a thug who doesn’t know what it is to love someone more than you love yourself. We need to make it a point to keep stories like this in the headlines until it is solved and the creature or creatures who did this are behind bars.

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