Family: Man Pulled Gun On Them Over Confederate Flag

by Greg Campbell | July 16, 2015 3:03 pm

It’s clear that the hysteria surrounding the Confederate flag has reached a fever pitch. Now, people are being threatened with violence[1] over their willingness to proudly display their flag.


An Austell family says a stranger pulled out a gun on them over a Confederate flag in their yard.

Last week, 11Alive reported [3]that the Ray family’s flag was once again flying high after being vandalized. Now, the family says that police told them taking down the flag may be a good idea until all the controversy calms down.

“I love my flags but it’s not worth my grandson getting killed,” Margaret Ray said.

The family said a man drove by twice pointing a gun at one of the grandsons.

“What went through my mind was I know what guns do,” the grandson said. “I couldn’t breathe until I got in the house.”

Ray said the incident frightened her grandson.

“It’s petrifying. I mean a man is holding a gun on my grandson, yeah the flags aren’t worth it,” she said.

Only two small flags still flutter in the yard; the rest were taken down – a big disappoint for the young man who wants to serve his country one day.

“I’ve always wanted to serve in the military to protect the ones I love, how can I do that if I get shot cutting the grass over a flag,” he said.

Ray says not being able to sit in her yard and watch her flags swaying back and forth takes away her freedom.

“It makes me very angry, I mean seriously we should have our rights as Americans but we don’t,” she said.

Another family at a nearby home said their mailbox was vandalized. They also Confederate flags mounted in their yard.

“You shouldn’t have to live in fear,” Ray said. “One crazy is all it takes.”

Those who maintain that the Confederate Flag is a symbol of bigotry and intolerance appear to, too often, miss the irony of their beliefs as those who crusade against the right of others to fly the flag are truly the intolerant ones.

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