Famous dog killed in spot she waited a year for her owner to return to! [VIDEO]

Famous dog killed in spot she waited a year for her owner to return to! [VIDEO]

Animal lovers, get your tissues ready, because you are about to bawl your eyes out, especially if you are a dog lover.


You know what? Don’t even read further if you are part of the man’s best friend club, you just might regret your decision to get out of bed this morning. News just hit the web that the locally famous three year-old dog named Loung, who fell out of a truck last year, landing on a busy route between Cambodia and Thailand, has been hit and killed by a car as it waited for the return of its owner for over a year.

You can start the waterworks as we go into the details. The Sukhumvit Road, or Thailand Route 3, is a leading highway between Bangkok and Cambodia and Loung’s owner must not have realized that she had fallen right out of the truck. What’s truly amazing is that the dog refused to leave the area, hoping that one day her owner would return and rescue her.


Local people in the village of Ban Nong Khon in Chanthaburi province took the responsibility of feeding her as she waited for her owner. After some time had passed, Loung became somewhat of a celebrity for the locals and tourists, with many people stopping by weekly to take a photo with the lone dog.

Many people would occasionally stop by the highway, claiming to be Loung’s true owners, but would be met with timidness and distrust, she would run off into the jungle as soon as someone tried to leash her up to take her.

Loung unfortunately met her end last week, with many photos of the dead and bloodied dog being released in the newspaper. That distasteful act caused so much outrage from many locals and social media users that the media companies took the photos down. The story has been going viral ever since.

A dog lover’s club in Thailand has donated money for the funeral expenses of Loung…hoping to give a proper burial for such a loyal animal.

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