Father of Ahmad Khan Rahami: I told the police my son was a terrorist & they did nothing

Father of Ahmad Khan Rahami: I told the police my son was a terrorist & they did nothing

It takes a lot of courage to tell the world that one of your family members has been radicalized to the point that (s)he is willing to injure and/or kill people. It takes courage because a lot of people would feel horrible “turning” on their family like that and would avoid doing it, believing that they could take care of it within their own home.

So, to finally gather that strength and go to the American FBI with the information that your son is engaging in suspicious/potentially terroristic activity, and then to have the very people who are slated with the safety of the American people tell you that your child is not a danger as per their guidelines, has to be a HUGE relief.

Until you flip on the news one day and figure out that they were DEAD wrong.


Terrorist suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami’s father, Mohammad Rahami, went to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in August of 2014 with serious concerns about his son. He says that they investigated Ahmad for two months before coming to the conclusion that he is “clean.” Mohammad took them at their word and accepted their findings.

And then, on an innocent day in September, Rahami flipped on the news like millions of other Americans and saw the name of a bombing suspect scroll across the screen; his son’s name.

“Two years ago I go to the F.B.I. because my son was doing really bad, O.K.?” he said. “But they check almost two months, they say, ‘He’s O.K., he’s clean, he’s not a terrorist.’ I say O.K.”

He added: “Now they say he is a terrorist. I say O.K.”

After several weeks of interagency checks, interviews and database reviews, the FBI had determined that Ahmad did not pose a terroristic threat to America.

Then, after being taken into custody, authorities found a blood-stained notebook with a bullet hole in it. In this notebook were writings about “killing the kuffar” and passages that appeared to be sympathetic to the jihadist cause. This, according to a LEO who wished to remain anonymous during the interview.

In this notebook, which is believed to belong to Rahami, there were writings that celebrated lone wolf attacks on American soil, as well as former al Qaeda propagandist Anwar al-Awlaki.

Keep in mind this whole “my son is a terrorist” bit started with Ahmad stabbing his brother in the leg with a knife during an argument.

Whatever his punishment is determined to be will be too good for him.

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