Father of Daughter Confronts Target Manager About Bathroom Policy. What He Says?

by McIntosh | April 24, 2016 7:26 pm

Target’s idiotic and really one-sided decision to allow men in women’s restrooms[1] has already cost them more then they may have bargained for.


From BizPac Review:

For starters, the American Family Association has already amassed over 200,000 signatures in their boycott of the store, and figures to add many more considering those came in ONE DAY.

That could be a drop in the bucket, if Izzy Avraham has his way. Avraham took his six-year-old daughter to Target on Thursday, talked to the manager about their “weird” bathroom policy, and wrote about the experience on his Instagram and Facebook pages. The post went viral, with over 65,000 likes, 34,000 shares, and 12,000 comments at the time of this writing.

His story is so compelling because it’s the story of any Dad who wants to protect his daughter.

Tirzah and I went to ‪#‎Target‬ this morning.

I explained to her on the way how some men think they’re women and wear dresses and makeup and want to use the women’s washrooms instead of the men’s. I asked her what she thought of that. She said, “That’s weird.” And was quiet for abit. Then she said, “If a man walked into the women’s washroom I’d fight him until he got out!”
We kept talking and I explained to her that we should be kind and loving to everyone, because everybody is a person with a heart and feelings. But that you can also disagree with the way they’re acting, and think it’s weird.

So we got to Target and introduced ourselves to the manager. I asked her on a practical level how Target’s policy worked out if my six-year-old daughter walked into the women’s restroom and someone with a biologically male body walked in behind her. She said Target has always had a policy of non-discrimination, and that if parents had concerns we could use the family rooms, or Tirzah could come in the men’s washroom with me. I told her that as a concerned dad, I’m uncomfortable with Target’s decision to allow people with male bodies in the women’s washrooms. And that we think it’s weird. We thanked her and left. I kept the whole conversation really polite and as relaxed as possible.

So here’s what so wrong about this. Target’s recent ‘inclusivity’ announcement concludes by saying “Everyone deserves to feel like they belong. And you’ll always be accepted, respected and welcomed at Target.” Really? Telling me you’re ok with men walking into the bathroom behind my baby girl actually doesn’t make me feel like I belong. It didn’t make her feel like she belonged either, to hear the manager tell us that in person. Basically Target just told us – and millions of concerned parents – that we’re no longer accepted, respected, and welcome in their stores.

My friends, Target has crossed a line, and I believe this is a test case. If you’re a concerned parent I invite you to do three things. 1. Share this story. 2. Then go to your nearest Target and do exactly what we did. 3. Then share your story, and use this hashtag: ‪#‎byetarget‬

I’m not angry. I don’t hate. I’m just a dad who love

Now, I really don’t like these social media posts claiming to be white knights when it comes to a social issue, even if it is in favor of a more right-leaning mentality. But for this case, it’s just basic commonsense and dignity. The manager does hold the policy in his hands, that’s the CEO. But we should keep letting our voices ring out loud and in favor of sanity.

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