Father is murdered in front of fiancee & two kids after answering Facebook ad offering free puppy

by Tiffiny Ruegner | June 13, 2017 2:31 am

A horrifying true story that should warn ALL people to take every precaution when buying from a stranger online. This Florida father [1]was beaten and shot to death in front of his fiancé and children after responding to a Facebook ad about a free dog, according to a family member.


Christopher ‘Scott’ Bowman, 39, was killed on Wednesday night inside his Jacksonville home during a physical altercation with a man who claimed to be giving away a puppy.
Bowman’s fiancee, Chelsea Bowman, says their family wanted to get a dog, so they responded to a Facebook post from a man offering one free of charge.

Speaking to Action News Jax, the woman says they told the stranger they would pick up the dog, but he allegedly insisted on coming to their house to drop off the pooch himself.

Chelsea and Scott Bowman shared two young children and had become engaged March and were planning to remarry. Bowman had found an ad on facebook from a man offering up a free dog. Despite telling the stranger that they wanted to pick up the puppy, the stranger insisted that he drop the dog off at their home. Mrs Bowman recalled that she invited the man to come in, offering him a drink as a way to thank him. But then the man started making himself way too comfortable, making everyone else feel uncomfortable.

Despite Chelsea and Scott dropping a number of hints that it was getting late, the man refused to leave. When Bowmen left to go to the bathroom, the man who was drunk by then, had become volatile and proceeded to beat Bowman. The younger daughter witnessed that the unhinged dog owner put a gun to her father’s head who then managed to wrestle the firearm from his hand and shot him in the arm. When Bowman then tried to run away, the other man fatally shot him in the chest.

‘Kinley was going, “You shot my dad! You shot my dad!”‘ the mother-of-two said, adding that she then told her children to run for help while she stayed with her mortally wounded fiance and tried to get him to wake up.
Neighbor Julie Wood tells Fox 13 she heard Bowman’s children pounding on her door and crying for help.

They were just terrified and just kept repeating, “My dad, there’s blood everywhere,”’ she says.

When sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene, they were met by a man outside the Bowmans’ home who told them that he was involved in the shooting.

The suspect was hauled in for questioning and could be heard banging on the walls, screaming obscenities and behaving like a ‘maniac.’ Be careful when answering any online ad to buy or sell something… this story shows you how just about anything can happen.

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