Father Sends Chilling Messages to His Ex Just Hours Before Strangling Their Sons

by Sierra Marlee | February 22, 2015 3:47 pm

It takes a special kind of monster to not only threaten to kill your own kids, but to then carry out said threat and send a picture of their lifeless bodies to their mother. Gabriel Armandariz, 32, of Graham, Texas, is accused of doing just that, according to evidence revealed in court on Friday.[1]

Gatlin, 2, and Luke, 8-months-old (above), were found dead in a crawl space in April 2011[2]

Gatlin, 2, and Luke, 8-months-old (above), were found dead in a crawl space in April 2011

From The Daily Mail[3]:

The chilling text messages a young father sent to his ex before allegedly murdering their two young children were revealed in court on Friday.

Gabriel Armandariz, 32, of Graham, Texas, is accused of strangling his two sons, Gatlin, 2, and Luke, who was just 8-months-old in April 2011.

This shortly after he sent a string of chilling and odd text messages to their mother telling her he planned to kill the boys because of her partying ways while possibly pretending to be his new girlfriend.

‘I commend the spirits of these two boys to the Lord. I would much rather be with them than to be out partying with friends,’ wrote Armandariz to his ex, Lauren Smith, just hours before the boys are believed to have died.

This was quickly followed by another in which he wrote; ‘Look, I’m trying to offer you another opportunity to see our children. But as usual you would much rather be with your friends.’

According to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, prosecutors in the case argued that Smith was not even aware the texts were coming from Armandariz, and actually believed they were coming from the woman he was dating at the time.

This seems to be backed up by the woman’s responses to these texts, as she wrote in one; ‘If I were you I’d get the hell away from him. Looks can be deceiving.’

On the day the boys died, Armandariz also sent a photo to Smith that appeared to show Luke dead and dangling from the closet with rope around his neck.

This was followed by the final text, which also showed both boys alive and lying next to him, and read; ‘We love u, goodbye.’

The more I read about this story, the angrier I get. This monster needs to be hung by the neck until dead for what he’s done.
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