FBI Issues Terror Attack Warning For Thanksgiving And The Inauguration [VIDEO]

FBI Issues Terror Attack Warning For Thanksgiving And The Inauguration [VIDEO]

The year’s biggest holiday is just next month, and Thanksgiving and the infamous Black Friday Sale rush are also on the horizon. All of these cherished events (except Black Friday) will no doubt cause waves and waves of bodies, bustling to get their shopping done. It’s all just part of American life…and unfortunately, so are terrorist attacks on our soil. In fact, the FBI has sent an alert for all local law enforcement – there may be something big and deadly heading our way soon and it will make the Trump-protests seem like a sorry joke…more so than they are…

Balloons are paraded down 7th avenue during the 83rd Macy's Thanksgiving day parade in New York

CBS News has reported that the FBI is alerting law enforcement officials across the nation that there is fear about a possible terrorist attack around Thanksgiving or the Presidential Inauguration coming up in January.

The alert was specifically tailored towards possible homegrown terrorists and referenced shopping malls, special events and other jam-packed venues as achievable targets. Some potential targets like Washington, D.C. and northern Virginia have been marked as “target-rich” zones. Terrorists, especially homegrown ones, have greater access to potential tools and tactics that may include guns, IEDs or drones equipped with IEDs.

The FBI shared information about possible signs of lone-wolf activity, signs you should be on the look out for including alienation from friends and family, drastic lifestyle changes, increased use of encrypted forms of communication and more.

The tip that an attack might be imminent came from activity in al Qaida’s “Inspire Magazine.”

The NYPD admonished people earlier this week that the magazine of ISIS had labeled the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade an “excellent target.”

Our country has been so distracted and consumed by petty politics, it’s actually weakened us and kept us off our guard. We cannot afford to be fighting with each other, while at the same time trying to fight a threat that has never left us.

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