FBI Let Hillary Off The HOOK, But Pursued Marine Corps General With A VENGEANCE!

FBI Let Hillary Off The HOOK, But Pursued Marine Corps General With A VENGEANCE!


There is definitely a double standard here and it is more than a little disturbing. We have just one more example of Hillary Clinton being given so much more than those around her. Compare the way her situation was handled next to that of an average American soldier.

Hillary shared confidential materials. And it is likely that those documents made it into the hands of enemies to the United States of America. But what was the result of this crime? Nothing really…. in fact, she might be rewarded with the presidency in the next few months. This is a woman who has been investigated, endangered national security, lied about what actually happened while under oath, she allowed her team to destroy records despite the fact that there has been a subpoena to leave them alone and so much more.

Compare the results of that woman with those of this man. Marine Corps general and vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff James E. Cartwright was held responsible for the information he handled poorly. Which is right. He should be held responsible. But why was it that the rules applied to him and not to Hillary Clinton?

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He has been found guilty. And the sentence could be up to five years in prison and a 250,000 dollar fine. Again, what is Hillary doing to pay for her wrongs? She isn’t. Is it because everyone is too scared of her? Either way, this is the very face of inequality and injustice. Which is ironic. Because every chance Hillary Clinton gets, she reminds us that she is all for equality.

We need to do everything we can to protect this country. And it will never be safe in the hands of a woman like Hillary Clinton. Anyone with me on that one?


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