Female High School Student Is Attacked In Schoolyard After Posting Support For Trump To Instagram [VIDEO]

Female High School Student Is Attacked In Schoolyard After Posting Support For Trump To Instagram [VIDEO]

So much for the phony “White-lash” Van Jones claimed. The only lashing out that’s happened has come on the part of the the radical left and their unwillingness to accept the election. Democrats, the media, colleges and professors – all of them are responsible for the violence being perpetrated on Trump supporters now, since they all fostered the radical tactics and ideals that allow kids and millennials these days to believe they are justified in threatening and harming others for the sake of their side’s loss.

Here’s an example of the violence…


One high school student was singled out and attacked by a classmate in the schoolyard after she had shared the previous night about her support for Donald Trump on her Instagram account.

Jade Armenio, a sophomore at Woodside High School in Redwood City, California, was one of the thousands of millennials sharing their opinion on social media the night of the election…yet because her opinion was different from her peers, she was assaulted and left with injuries.

Jade claimed that she said she hoped the Republican candidate would win over Clinton and that instantly made her an enemy. The following day at school, she was attacked while others filmed the incident. Another student had grabbed her hair and threw her to the ground.


Jade had gone into detail on how this attack unfolded:

‘This girl come up to me and said “do you hate Mexicans?” I said “no” and she said “you support Trump, you hate Mexicans.”‘

Jade was struck in the face and pulled down to the ground by her hair before her attacker left her with a bloody nose. In the phone recording, she can be heard screaming as she was being beaten.

Since the incident, her scummy peers have been leaving hate messages for her (the loving, tolerant left…), and her mother has refused to let her return to school until she knows that Jade will be safe.

In a statement, the school has claimed that it has looked into the incident and taken ‘appropriate disciplinary measures’.

Uh huh.

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