Female Workers FORCED Into Naked Body Search – Threatened With ‘Gynecological Chair’

Female Workers FORCED Into Naked Body Search – Threatened With ‘Gynecological Chair’

Some more proof why America is the greatest place on Earth…

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In communist Russia, woman working in the emerald mines have complained about ‘gestapo-style harassment’ during mandatory strip search checks to guarantee they are not stealing valuable gems.The random naked searches include women standing totally naked on a cold concrete floor and can lead to ‘intimate questions during check ups’, the staff claim.

Conditions have been so bad that they were even threatened with encroaching examinations ‘in a gynecological chair’ if they openly complained about the regime at Malyshevskoye Emerald Mine in the Ural Mountains.


A group of women employees who worked the mine told local news stations: ‘Hardest of all is the so called selective naked check up. It means that any of us can be selected in the middle of the working day and delivered to the naked check up room. It is a cold room with concrete floor and a cracked window. Women have to get completely undressed while every millimetre of their clothing is checked. If we complain about standing on the cold floor, their response is rough and implies that every one of us is a potential thief, with an emerald buyer waiting across a fence.’

The actual naked checks are performed by women security agents, but the women are often ‘interviewed’ by male colleagues.

This group of women even claimed that, ‘The security men make all sorts of dirty hints as to where exactly we can hide gems – and say that after New Year we can be checked daily on a gynecological chair, one of our girls felt so awful after one of this humiliating naked check ups that she had to call an ambulance.’

According to one female employee, the ‘harassment is harshest for workers of the ore sorting room.’

Male workers experience the same search, though these women claim that they are treated with more respect. The invasive searches are performed, even though the plant is bristling with CCTV cameras and the staff wear special uniforms without pockets.

Some of the female employees described that the security staff ‘make you feel as if you’re being interrogated by the gestapo’.

Welcome to Russia…Socialist/Communist loving millennials and media, you are welcome to join them.

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